Specific Fit Watercraft Covers

  • Ever lost your boat keys on the bottom of the lake or wish you had a bumper to protect your PWC from the edge of the dock? Well, now you can get Slippery accessories to help you out in these situations. Check out our gear to make your day on the water more relaxing and safe.
  • Non-scratch corrosion-free access zippers for wetsuit and vest storage
  • Reinforced openings for trailer pins, interior mesh pocket,and gas cap access flap
  • Full elastic shock-cord hem and tie-down loops for trouble-free trailering
  • Not intended for towing/transporting
Part NumberDescriptionMSRP
4004-0141COVER PWC STORAGE 1P BK$94.95
4004-0142COVER PWC STORAGE 2P BK$94.95
4004-0143COVER PWC STORAGE 3P BK$94.95
4004-0155COVER POL SL650/750/780$159.95
4004-0144COVER HON F12/12X R12/12X$149.95
4004-0145COVER KAW 440/550$149.95
4004-0147COVER POL SLT 750/780$149.95
4004-0148COVER SEA XP TO 96$149.95
4004-0149COVER SEA XP 97-98$149.95
4004-0150COVER SEA GS/GSI$149.95
4004-0151COVER SEA GTI/GTX 97-00$149.95
4004-0153COVER KAW 750/900/1100ZXI$159.95
4004-0154COVER KAW ST/STS$159.95
4004-0156COVER SEA GT/GTS$159.95
4004-0162COVER KAW ULTRA 150$164.95
4004-0163COVER POL GENESIS FFI$164.95
4004-0165COVER POL VIRAGE$169.95
4004-0166COVER SEA SP/SPI/SPX$169.95
4004-0167COVER SEA RXDI 00-03$169.95
4004-0169COVER YAM WAVERUNNER$169.95
4004-0170COVER YAM WAVE VENTURE$169.95
4004-0171COVER YAM WAVRNR 760/1200$169.95
4004-0172COVER YAM XLT 1200/XL 800$169.95
4004-0173COVER YAM XL 700$169.95
4004-0174COVER YAM GP1300/1200/800$169.95
4004-0175COVER SEA GTX 03-06/RXT 0$169.95
4004-0176COVER SEA RXP 04-06$169.95
4004-0177COVER SEA 3-D04-06/DI 06$169.95
4004-0178COVER SEA GTI/GTI SE 06$169.95
4004-0179COVER PWC SWW YAM VX$169.95
4004-0180COVER PWC SWW YAM FX$169.95