Splice Neo Trunks

  • 100% Nylon Polyester for durability
  • Embroidered logo
  • .5mm Neoprene liner for protection and extra warmth
  • Black mesh pocket complete with key tie
  • Imported
Part NumberColorSizeMSRP
3230-0190Black; Red; White28$44.95
3230-0191Black; Red; White30$44.95
3230-0192Black; Red; White32$44.95
3230-0193Black; Red; White34$44.95
3230-0194Black; Red; White36$44.95
3230-0195Black; Red; White38$49.95
3230-0196Black; Red; White40$49.95
3230-0197Black; Red; White42$49.95
3230-0198Black; Red; White44$49.95
3230-0199Blue; Teal; Yellow28$44.95
3230-0200Blue; Teal; Yellow30$44.95
3230-0201Blue; Teal; Yellow32$44.95
3230-0202Blue; Teal; Yellow34$44.95
3230-0203Blue; Teal; Yellow36$44.95
3230-0204Blue; Teal; Yellow38$49.95
3230-0205Blue; Teal; Yellow40$49.95
3230-0206Blue; Teal; Yellow42$49.95
3230-0207Blue; Teal; Yellow44$49.95