Fuse Wetsuit and Jacket

  • Lycra shoulders and short sleeves on john for flexibility
  • Rash-free neck lining
  • Lightweight 2mm Innospan Neoprene chassis
  • Non-slip rubber knee pads
  • Flat lock stitch for comfort and breathability
  • Airprene leg panels for quick drainage
  • Back zip john / front zip jacket
  • Imported
Part NumberColorSizeMSRP
3201-0198Black; BlueSmall$138.95
3201-0199Black; BlueMedium$138.95
3201-0200Black; BlueLarge$138.95
3201-0201Black; BlueX-Large$138.95
3201-0202Black; Blue2X-Large$138.95
3201-0203Black; Blue3X-Large$138.95
3201-0192Black; GraySmall$138.95
3201-0193Black; GrayMedium$138.95
3201-0194Black; GrayLarge$138.95
3201-0195Black; GrayX-Large$138.95
3201-0196Black; Gray2X-Large$138.95
3201-0197Black; Gray3X-Large$138.95
Slippery Sizing Chart