• U.S. Coast Guard approved Type 3 PFD
  • Three 1.5” belts with heavy-duty buckles for increased support
  • Functional Chest Pocket
  • Lightweight foam and nylon construction
  • Long-waisted cut for a more comfortable fit
Part NumberColorSizeMSRP
3240-0654Blue; SilverX-Small$44.95
3240-0655Blue; SilverSmall$44.95
3240-0656Blue; SilverMedium$44.95
3240-0657Blue; SilverLarge$44.95
3240-0658Blue; SilverX-Large$44.95
3240-0659Blue; Silver2X-Large$44.95
3240-0660Blue; Silver3X-Large$44.95
3240-0647Black; GoldX-Small$44.95
3240-0648Black; GoldSmall$44.95
3240-0650Black; GoldLarge$44.95
3240-0651Black; GoldX-Large$44.95
3240-0652Black; Gold2X-Large$44.95
3240-0653Black; Gold3X-Large$44.95
Slippery Sizing Chart